How It Works?

Vertical Search Health

How it works

Step 1

Content Frame

What interests you about your target group? What content must a relevant prescriber communicate? Which individual HCP attributes would you like to know about your target group? We define all this and more together in the content frame.

Step 2


Analysis and extraction from many millions of sources With Vertical Search Health, we search the entire market extremely accurately based on the content frame.

Step 3

Rating & segmentation

With the use of two completely transparent rating and segmentation methods, every HCP categorisation is traceable at all times.


Identify which thematic areas are relevant for the indication based on a principal component analysis.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a statistical method. Imagine a table with columns for different properties like color, height, weight. The cells have 1 or 0, based on property presence. PCA identifies key properties that explain the data well, grouping similar ones and highlighting major contributors to data variation. It simplifies and enhances the understanding of complex information.


Identify thematic focuses with the summation of content frame terms.

Step 4


The results are made available to you in a customised form. They can be mapped to your existing CRM data or we can integrate your target group into your customised vertical search front end.

Your target group can be provided free-text searchable in our frontend and can be provided as SaaS for you.

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