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Vertical Search

Find instead of search

Classic search engines quickly provide a good answer to any search query and have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. However, as soon as the search queries become more specific, such as "Which doctor in my area already treats Long Covid?" this technology reaches its limits. A lot of time is spent on manual research - often without results.

Vertical search engines solve this problem. These are specifically adapted for an industry and deliver relevant hits for the search query within seconds. We have developed an AI-based technology for this purpose, with which we have realized vertical searching for two megatrends: Health and SmartCity. We enable you to have a customized search engine for your industry and thus deliver a Data as a Service solution according to your needs with our Vertical Search.

Vertical Search Health

Health market in one place - searchable

Are you looking for the right contacts in the market? You want to bring new treatments, drugs for rare diseases or medical devices to the doctors who are actively involved in your topic to improve treatment options? Then we have just what you need!

There are several terabytes of publicly available information for healthcare, but until now it was not searchable across sectors and in one place. We have identified this data, aggregated it into a single point of truth, and made it searchable via Vertical Search Health.

Outpatient doctors
Inpatient doctors
Research Institutes
Public Health Departments
Surgery centers
Retirement home
outpatient care
Test centers

Know your Customer

Project examples

With Vertical Search Health, our customers find contact and cooperation partners, leads or even structural information on care that has remained hidden from them until now. Typical projects are, for example, product launches for MedTech and/or Pharma (especially rare diseases) or the assessment of market potential or sales planning.


Do you want to get the most out of your existing master data? Regardless of the indication, type of treatment, or specialization: With Vertical Search Health, we not only check that your data is up-to-date, but also expand your CRM with central information on your target group. This subsequently helps you to tailor the sale of your solutions. For example, we can qualify the target group "Outpatient Physician" for the treatment of very specialized diseases such as "Multiple Myeloma" and/or rare gene defects, thus further qualifying your existing database.

2. Filtering the results

Our innovative targeting and segmentation approach enables us to provide you with the full market potential from the healthcare market. The probability of successful (new) customer acquisition thus increases many times over, and at significantly lower sales costs. With the help of our Vertical Search Health, we deliver customized solutions for your product or service, from pharmaceutical companies to MedTech and DiGAs.

3. Regional consideration

You can then view the search results regionally. For this purpose, we support you in the analysis with specific maps, such as coverage rates per specialty group or with KPIs for the inpatient area (number of beds, case numbers, etc.). In particular you can restrict the search regionally, e.g. to a city or municipality.

NEW - Our search engine for your municipality

Vertical Search SmartCity

All companies in your region

You want to promote your municipality in the best possible way and position it as a "SmartCity"? With Vertical Search - Municipality, you can network the companies in the region at your business location in the best possible way and are always informed about the latest topics so that you can actively shape the issues yourself. From the smallest company to the large corporation, everything is freely searchable for you in one application.

Organization of an event on the topic of "green hydrogen" or "digitalization

Simply enter "green hydrogen or digitization" in the search mask. All companies including contact persons in your municipality that communicate publicly on this topic will be displayed. There is no faster and more efficient way to identify the relevant companies and plan exciting networking events, for example. You also receive information about the social media channels on which the company is active, so that you can simultaneously target your own communication channels, such as LinkedIn.

Your advantages

  • Always the latest master data and upgrade your CRM

  • Current topics and trends of regional companies transparent in one application

  • Targeted networking / exploitation of regional potentials

  • Individually customizable (design, filter criteria, etc.)

  • DSGVO compliant, server location Germany

Regional Data / Green Data

Help your business gain extensive analytics capabilities and add over 6 million data points on regional socio-demographic content, including many sustainability metrics, to the Vertical Search map view:

  • Inpatient / Partial Inpatient / Outpatient Case Numbers, Care

  • Demographics, income, labor market, commuters

  • Weather/climate, air quality, e-mobility/charging stations, sector emissions

  • Industry benchmarks of ESG activities


Vertical Search X

Your personal search engine

Vertical Search technology can be used universally for any question. For this purpose, we first define the exact scope of the search (who and where?) with you in a data sprint and then provide you with the data as a service. as "Data as a Service" - if required also in our frontend.

Data as a Service

  • Do you want to align your business model from the ground up with data?

  • Do you want to make your industry comparable and evaluable down to the smallest detail?

  • You want information completely tailored to your needs?

  • Do you want to plan the market approach of your products for the respective customer group down to the smallest detail?

  • Do you want to make your industry comparable and evaluable down to the smallest detail?

We support you in this process and define your exact requirements together.

Our customers and partners

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