About us

What are we doing?

We are a technology company that has developed universal and cross-industry AI-powered search engine technology. We enable companies to integrate external Data as a Service solutions based on publicly available data into their internal processes to make data-driven decisions.

Vertical Search

Our conviction of the verticalized approach

Vertical observation for each individual problem or solution, regardless of whether it is a product or a service, leads to a completely new and efficient approach through sound targeting and appropriate segmentation based on current data. Market transparency, competitor analysis and the right contact person can exponentially increase the probability of success in sales approaches, for example. With our product, we enable our customers to do this themselves in just a few seconds. This means that there are no longer horizontal and slow decision-making processes, but rather targeted in-depth (vertical) answers for a higher probability of success in decision-making. Data as a Service from Vertical Search.

Health Care - Pharma, Medtech, Digital Health, Insurance and more

Making healthcare more efficient through data-driven solutions. It is our firm belief that there are more and more digital solutions from brilliant minds for novel therapeutic approaches or improved treatment options to help sick people. The development of novel drugs by the pharmaceutical industry or even vaccines against diseases are getting better and also faster to market. This shows us not least the rapid vaccine developments in the corona pandemic. The daily routine in medical practices will continue to develop and not only make processes in practice management more efficient, but also change the treatment options for patients. Further developments in medical technology, such as the use of surgical robots, will also set new standards. All of these advances in the various disciplines of healthcare must be made known and reach the appropriate target groups without overloading them. We succeed in doing this with Vertical Search Health.

Sustainability and social responsibility of Exaris

A mainstay of our company from the very beginning

From the very first day of its foundation, Exaris Solutions has been committed to making its own business activities as sustainable as possible and to assuming social responsibility. This includes making the operation of our Vertical Search technology as resource-efficient as possible and working remotely as much as possible. In addition, Exaris Solutions donates to or sponsors charitable causes.

Founder Team

The heads behind Exaris Solutions

Nicholas Rosen


Christian Steinfeld


Sebastian Stremming