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All HCP data you need - AI based

  • Salesforce-centered targeting 
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Omnichannel affinities
  • Patient view
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Vertical Search Health

Your HCP target group free text searchable

Our Experience & Success

Our Vertical Search Health brings our clients new and more potential prescribers and a sustainable increase in sales

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What do i get?

With Vertical Search Health, you search all the web presences of your relevant HCP and get unlimited insights and information about your target group in real time.

You have this
information today.

  • Contact details
  • Subject area

This information and much more, can be provided to you by Vertical Search Health.

  • Indication-specific specialisations
  • Digital affinities of HCP units
  • Additional qualifications (free text search)
  • Individualised HCP approach personas
  • and many more ...
  • Contact details
  • Use of practice apps
  • Patient reviews
  • Use of online appointment management
  • Social media profiles
  • Age range
  • Number of practitioners in the practice
  • Various e-mail addresses
  • Use of video consultation
  • Website score
  • Lifecycle phase
  • Open vacancies

What exactly is the Vertical Search Health?

We use vertical search engines every day., Amazon etc. Now there is a search engine for your HCP.

Publicly available sources (e.g. websites) are made searchable and retrievable in a structured way by our AI-based algorithm.
  • Dr. Muller has 128 reviews on google
  • Dr. Muller offers a IBD consultation hour
  • Dr. Muller employs two IBD specialists
  • Dr. Muller uses Instagram & video consultation
  • Dr. Muller has the IBD certificate of the DGVS

Use Cases from Vertical Search Health

With our product we offer many innovative HCP-Solutions to our clients

Targeting & segmentation
Customers can identify and segment exactly the right prescribers almost at the touch of a button – across all specialty, HCP group and countries.
Customer master data
We offer our customers an independent alternative to known CM data suppliers, that is - due to the scalable AI-driven approach – much more up-to-date and comprehensive.
Omnichannel: channel preferences and digital affinity
With the measurement of digital affinities, it can be accurately determined whether a prescriber is interested in other channels.
Patient perspective
With AI-based analysis of millions of patient reviews, we can determine exactly what patients think about which prescriber and which problems are prevalent in practices.

From Excel to SaaS, everything is possible

We integrate our data into your CRM via Excel or you use our SaaS Solution.

Free text search
Structured access to millions of provider websites
User-oriented filter options, e.g. according to occupational groups, ratings, specializations, etc.
Excel or API integration in (CRM) systems
Regional KPIs
Integration of regional factors such as supply levels, purchasing power, etc.

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