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The beginning of Data, Vertical, Health, the Exaris blog.

The Exaris Solutions team is now launching its own blog on topics related to the healthcare market. Together with you, we would like to try to make the healthcare market more data-driven, effective and efficient.


Comming October

Target Group Digital Health

This blog post is about finding the right target group and persona for the "Digital Health" theme area. In particular, we will also discuss how products and solutions from the digital health sector can efficiently find their way into the medical practice.

Planned: October 2022

Comming November

Orphan diseases

Especially in the pharmaceutical sector, the development of drugs for rare diseases is an important but also complex topic. This includes, for example, market segmentation but also the development of market entry strategies that are as successful as possible. This is what we will discuss in detail in this blog post.

Planned: November 2022